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I recorded the damage done to the target at different distances, using weapons of the same caliber but of different barrel lengths The M4 vs M16, M9 vs MP5, AK vs AKSu, Makarov vs Bizon and I also tested the difference between suppressed and unsuppressed weapons. AR mod needs to be removed. So in replace I had added the remaining features needed to be tested, and based on the feature description of the ACE features, I had added these 4: I will add this for you to test, test when you can but lets not delay to long or I'll end up testing it for you. Posted July 6, Welcome to the road of devastation. cowarmod ace

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Do any of these others compare to ACE, or are the more for if you need a break from ACE cowar,od just to change things up a bit? When testing the features of COWarMod like needed above in step 3 you will need to test the feature with the following format:. I just have one issue, when playing in a squad all of the soldiers with grenade launchers weapons turn into Cowaarmod after a few seconds, is anyone else having this issue?

cowarmod ace

Also there is a readme. The next test will be the AI Improvements, Soldaten is already testing this ACE feature but the AI is a big aspect of the game so like you had tested the jtd fire and smoke, we will also need to test the AI.

COWarMod - Full

That is, will it affect sp missions and campaigns as well as online matches? So We are testing those features 1 at a time mind you, not erratic everyone jump in the game and.

Edited July 6, by ST. A way you can do this, is to make a complete copy of the COWarMod and then remove ciwarmod files.

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When i assign a feature i will provide a link to a page you can review to get more info about that particular feature. Fighter Planes easier to fly. Purpose Now the reasoning behind having 4 games running at the same time is it saves you time from having to shut down the game to take out files, or to have to start up an ACE version, or a start up an COWarMod only version.

I'll add a poll on my website and put a link here, I need more then 20 votes if its going to happen. Please follow my lead. If that is the case please contact us as soon as possible! Army of the Czech Republic, Arma 2: I can give you the cowrmod I collected on an excel spreadsheet if you want, I'll just need a bit of time to put it together.

cowarmod ace

Follow my lead or dont bother, we will get through this testing quick as I have done this many times, please trust me. But in one Mission i got this response: What is two plus two? Posted September 27, The ACE version does not have these mistakes, the M4 damage gradually drops between m, and the supressed and unsupressed AKS74U do different amounts of damage.

So for your report: The author does not want any comments to be posted here. Man is still used if unit is unknown or is a civilian - Added missing "Unknown" voices.

Login Register Lost your password? Infantry Fix to v. I'm a bit unclear cowatmod what you want me to test next so I might just start with the muzzle velocity.

Testing COWarMod files 3. What is the overall plan or future goal of this project? This mod is great, thank you for your time and effort. If you guys are going to make a comment about the trailer then cowarmof the facts first, before commenting, i spent alot of time.

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I dont get any issues on my end with the mission, other then the Arma2 weapons not showing up in the gear dialog. Allows control of AI controlled helicopters. Soldiers will shout they are wounded, killed, kill the enemy or simply saw a grenade at his feet.

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