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You can also adjust the size of the flexible spot if needed and I use this feature in the lab testing photos often. Last edited by HamsterDR; Jul 7 at I usually want this off, but this is a fast way to turn it on. Fong's argument is that it is easier to add color intensity and vibrance than reduce it - but if you don't want to do a lot of post-processing, the right camera setting will give you what you want to start with. Funny that majority of my personal settings are very similar to Gary Fong's compared to his video gary fong a6000 video

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I have this turned off - but have this option on the Fn menu so that it can vieeo turned on quickly. I shoot in P mode most of the time.

I agonized about getting the NEX-6 because I had a ton of Cannon equipment which I have sold at a big loss - but the camera impressed me a lot.

Optimal Settings for the A

Results 1 to 20 of The nice thing about eBooks is that these corrections are possible and easy. I have ISO set to Auto. I have Face Detection turned off. I am myself a Sony camera enthusiast. In my opinion the place for customization is in the Fn button where you can define up to 12 different functions with almost unlimited flexibility.

Last edited by HamsterDR; Jul 7 fonh The menu adjustment here is not obvious: I have found 7 typos so far and I am only up to page Feature Finder For Sony a9.

Great app but I was worried about all the people having sound issues in the reviews. Note about power consumption - Gary says that testing has shown that the network functions don't use power unless in use so that Airplane Mode is not needed - but I think Fonv will leave it on just in case.

Sony A6000 Gary Fong Video

Just a note for those thinking about getting better documentation for the A - Gary just released version 1. My final decision points were the improved interface on the A and the higher resolution so that I could do more cropping.

I generally like the book format better than video - I was pausing the video a lot to take notes. If you leave the camera on wide area it will always focus on the dogs nose for some reason, so center focus and re co-posing works, but flexible spot is ideal for getting maximum sharpness right where videk want it in the frame.

gary fong a6000 video

You can also adjust the size of the flexible spot if needed and I use this feature in the lab testing photos often. Optimal Settings for the A They apparently don't work well together.

Portrait Photographers Miami l Celebrity Portrait Photography Florida

It all depends on the use case and personal preference. I started in the back with the discussion of Raw vs. However, it was funny to watch Garry hunting through the menus to find a setting to demonstrate - he forgets too! It is nice to see this variation, and I can change my mind with use.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

You really need a second or third battery and an external battery charger with this camera. I'm sure they will get it fixed.

gary fong a6000 video

Thank you for the update David on the book and Suggestions for the Sony software! I have mine set to smile off, face on Flexible spot is great because you can really dial in your focus area.

This is a great app.

‎Sony a Virtual Camera by Gary Fong on the App Store

I wish it were also possible to adjust the ISO value at the same time which would provide complete control in P mode. Gzry a Raw image and then play around with the various settings to see the consequences.

gary fong a6000 video

D-Range Optimizer is set to On.

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