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It seems later is now. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature "The Music of" tribute to French musical legends. Janxx Live In Studio While I've done plenty of shows that featured one artist's music, I had never done a show where an artist performed live — until now! I thought it might be fun if listeners of this show in the same cities were able to get together to meet each other. He made special glasses for several other mutual friends of ours, too. Dave's Lounge Direct download: Nothing to see or hear here, folks — except, of course, a lot of great new music…. akshin alizadeh southern man mp3

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First Dance This week's show opens with the same song that opened the dance party at my wedding. Compressing ten years of great music into a two-hour mix is practically impossible, but hey, what the hell?

Happy Pill 11

Playlist for the DavesLoungeYearbook: So who's listening out in the Bay Area? J-Felix Starkiller Reimagining All the Bust Free tracks are available from the Cold Busted Shop though you might have to scroll down a bit to get everythingand Chillhop Essentials Fall is available from this link.

That's all for now. All the music in this first radio show is mzn podsafe or has been played with permission from the artists or labels in the past.

akshin alizadeh southern man mp3

On their debut single for Ghostly, Chicago-based duo Drama blend a disco groove with sleek soul vocals to bewitching effect. I alizaceh have to do more of these. Sadly, I could not post that video to the show's Facebook page, thanks to the site's Content ID system flagging a song I played. So what would happen if we all Shazam'ed a song at once?

akshin alizadeh southern man mp3

If you'd like a taste of the sort of stuff I do when I DJ live, check out these sets from events I played last year:. Hanni El Khatib - Paralyzed Click here for details. On the one side, our friends at Cold Busted Records in Los Angeles have done it again with Bust Free 19the latest in their series of free albums.

We'll start this experiment where a good many tech experiments begin — San Francisco and Oakland. This week's podcast mix contains a few tracks I might have to work into future fusion sets, especially this Gavin Turek tune that leads off the show….

Alas, that never happened. I'll likely play that song again in a few weeks after a bit of testing.

Akshkn Live In Studio. Amazon Used CD only Unwilling to put out an incomplete hour of music and unable to get back to the studio during the week, I decided to wait to get the full file this time.

Tropical House Top | The EDM Charts

That usually plays itself out in my selections for this show. Ever gone through your old tape or CD collection and found a mix you really, really liked and just wanted to listen to soouthern over and over again?

Dave's Lounge On The Radio 2. Permanent4 — By Candlelight Closing: Let's give it a try… Playlist for Dave's Lounge Aizadeh also dig up some gems, including a few I forgot I even had…. Old Friends And New Revised. Permanent4 — By Candlelight Enjoy the show! Better Late Than Never.

akshin alizadeh southern man mp3

Oh, and Amn threw in a little impromptu mixing at the beginning of the show when I realized that the first set southerj tunes were all about BPM. The Long Drive This week's show is a bit later than I had planned, in part because of a long and unexpected family road trip over the weekend, and in part because I didn't see point in trying to compete for attention with the Super Bowl — although this week's playlist probably makes for a wkshin halftime show than the one we got.

If you listen to this show regularly, chances are you have some Zero 7 in your music collection. Spotify streams might not pay much, but they do pay, and that has to count for something.

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